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Who: Clarissa, and any unfortunate chumps trainers who fall into her trap
What: The world's most incompetent Rocket Grunt is lurking in the dark undergrowth of Viridian Forest, aiming to snag a bunch of critters for her superiors. Better watch where you're walking, trainers!
Where: Viridian Forest
When: Current(ish)
Tone: Srs bsn Totally silly!
Notes: Clarissa's next event log wont be as long as this. xD There was just a lot of stuff I wanted to include and I couldn't decide which bits to jettison... >.>

Flawlessly obscured by the layer of dense bushes and scrubs which sprawled the forest, a lone Rocket Grunt lay in wait. Clarissa sat in the shadows ready and waiting to pounce, twitching with irritation...and also severe cramp - sitting crouched like this for hours on end really took its toll on your leg muscles. But it was mostly due to irritation. Clarissa seethed silently. When she had been handed the details of her latest assignment, Clarissa had been hardly able to control herself, bursting at the seams with anticipation - what marvelous job would she get to do this time? Hold up a Pokemart? Raid a Pokemon center? The moment it reached her hands she had excitedly ripped open the envelope to reveal that today's destination was...

Viridian Forest. Viridian Forest, for crying out loud! Clarissa had despaired on the spot and torn the envelope to shreds in a fit of rage. Were they fucking kidding?! Viridian Forest was where all the noobs hung out - the bottom-of-the-barrel trainers, the hopeless Champion wannabes with only a town map and a pidgey to their name. There was no chance in hell of encountering a trainer with pokemon even slightly stronger than ones you could catch in the wild with minimal effort. Did her superiors not know who she was? She was Clarissa, for crying out loud! One of the most bad-ass assets Team Rocket had in its arsenal. And yet she was still being reduced to scummy work like this after six loyal years in the organisation. Six! She should be an Admin by now! She'd put all the others in their places, that was for sure, yet she was stuck here with nothing but a giant net. What about those two bungling idiots and their talking Meowth that the Boss overly favoured? What were their names again? Jennie and Jay or something like that. They were the two biggest failures she'd ever met and yet they were supplied with gadgets worth millions for the tiniest of tasks. It wasn't as if they deserved it, always being taken down by that same measly kid. What was his name again? Rupert? Red? Ray? Red set off a few bells, but who would be dumb enough to name their kid a colour? No, it must be Ray. And yet she had only a single net! The nerve of it!

Still, the job had to be done. Clarissa checked that the trap was set. On the ground lie a net carefully hidden by leaves, on top of which Clefairy tottered around nonchalantly, happy to act as the bait. Who wouldn't want a Clefairy without the hassle of running around Mount Moon forever? The net was attached to a carefully hidden rope, slung over one of the thicker branches overhead, the end of it in the hands(?) of Blastoise, who waited in the bushes with its master, ready to pull on the rope upon her order and hoist up whichever unlucky bastard would be the one to make Clarissa's day.

The bushes nearby rustled, and Clarissa perked up, ready for action.
Who: Rath plus whoever (or whatever) pops up
What: En route Viridian City, Rath encounters (a) Rattata
Where: Route 22
When: Current(ish)
Tone: Very Serious. It's So Serious It Hurts. No really why do you doubt me (totally silly, guys)

Since the going was pretty easy once he'd went down the mountain side, Rath was walking through Route 22 instead of riding Flare, his Ponyta. One day, Rath knew, Flare would evolve into a Rapidash and he'd never have to do this trudging job of walking ever again, but till then Rath made sure not to tire out his Ponyta too much.

According to the that damned official that'd stopped him at the Reception Gate, Rath had to get eight badges before they'd allow him to officially enter. Rath thought that was plumb crazy, 'cause he knew at least 15 ways to enter Victory Road from rounding up wayward Miltank. But then again, he'd might as well do this right, so off he went on search for his first badge, which the official told him would be in Viridian City.

So Rath was walking through the grass, Flare by his side, (with him grumbling that this was pretty bad grass, untended as it was) when Rath had his first official encounter with a Pokemon as a "trainer" and not "cowboy."

Rath's eyes narrowed at the Rattata that had just leapt out at them.

OOC: I wasn't sure whether to merge this into Keith's thread or not -- on one hand, I thought it'd be possible with Keith's bad map skills to enter Route 22 instead of Viridian Forest. On the other hand, I already have A Way to get Rath into Viridian City himself, so... ;D whoever wants to pop up on Route 22 can; if not, I'll just have Rath continue on...
Who: So far just KEITH
What: Keith cannot figure out how to get the heck out of Viridian City :(
Tone: mostly silly

It had actually been more than a week since Keith had gotten his first Pokémon. A month or two, to be slightly more specific. That is to say, it had been sufficiently enough time for him to get out of Pallet Town. One would think that it would be enough time for him to get past Viridan City, but alas.


He'd tried, though. Multiple times. But every time, no matter how many maps he had, he managed to get lost in the forest and was toted, dragged, or carried back to Viridian City in various states. He never managed to get very far, either, before he was lost for three days and tried to eat a Caterpie (that was just once) or before he just gave up because EVERYTHING LOOKED THE SAME and it was very frustrating.

He'd just gotten done arguing with the weary clerk at the PokéMart who had told him, repeatedly, that no they were not selling him all of their "broken maps" and there was only one map and he'd bought like twenty of them and they weren't holding out on him THERE WAS ONLY ONE MAP. Dissatisfied, Keith exited the PokéMart feeling cheated (but with a new map nonetheless) and plopped down by a fence to squint at it. Some old guy was wheezing about coffee and Weedles in the background, but Keith ignored him, apparently unaware that he was holding the map upside down. Man he was never gonna get through that forest at this point.